Strike a Light in partnership with creative producer Natasha Padbury is delighted to hear that we have received funding from St Peters & North Laine Community First funders in Brighton, East Sussex.

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Breaking Bread

This new project ran from February 2015 until May 2015 and was called….

Breaking Bread

Arise, and eat bread, and let thine heart be merry.—1 Kings xxi. 7

The loaf is at the heart of our lives. It’s our connection with sustenance, community and creativity. It is the unsung hero uniting us in more ways than just providing us with a basic meal. Since time immemorial it has formed the heart of our communities.

This unique project brings together North Laine and London Road’s past, present and future bread baking traditions to create and record a public collective memory, ways to encourage the everyday act of making bread in the home again, and enabling people to connect through the physical act of Breaking Bread together.

Breaking Bread will deliver-

  • Two Community Workshops for members of local organisations.
  • Heritage archive display of recipes and reminiscences of London Road baking provided by residents, bakers and businesses. Material to be made into virtual postcards and accessible viewing on the Strike a Light website.
  • London Road Open Market Bread Fayre event: With- * Sharing of a large scale communal bread * Two free participatory workshops for the general public * Local Trader Contributions * Baking demonstrations

Breaking the Bread:

This will take place at a free open day event at Brighton’s Open Market on Saturday 25th April, 11am-4pm (2015)

Loaf picture


We are now inviting people to send us images or memories of local baking, bakers, mills and bread recipes for this Breaking Bread project. Images and memories could be included in the exhibition we’re hosting at  Brighton’s Open Market on Saturday 25th April 2015. All contributors will be credited and will receive copies of any project printed resources. 

Archive display of recipes and reminiscences of Brighton baking will provided by residents, bakers and businesses, with pop-up display for notes and postcards. Members of the public will be invited to add to the collection.

If you have any memories of this theme from the Brighton area or great bread recipes, please contact Nicola Benge on to share these. 

Samples of collated and archival material to be made into virtual postcards for free and accessible viewing on the Strike a Light website.

Local heritage providers Queenspark Books through their Brighton and Hove Photographic Collection, Screen Archive South East and MyBrightonandHove have agreed the non-copyright use of a variety of related London Road images from archives to support this event.

Image from the Brighton and Hove Photographic Collection from QueenSpark Books


Showing the objectives this project will meet and how:

  • Celebrates the local history of the London Road Open Market with an event in keeping with its original use
  • Promotes trade for North Laine and London Road businesses and organisations
  • Encourage local existing residents and new residents (through Hyde Housing Association and local universities) to engage with key aspects of London Road’s past, whilst learning new skills
  • Collect, record and create a unique archival product which can be promoted digitally and through a variety of media. Material will be used to further promote the Breaking Bread project, in turn promoting London Road as a cultural hub
  • Promotes cultural, social and creative activity in the area
  • Offering healthy eating/lifestyle promotion and creativity, by encouraging home baking and buying products from local suppliers
  • Invite public from outside the area to visit the area
  • Enhance community cohesion
Open Market

Business/organisation significance

Strike a Light is a not-for-profit community arts and heritage organisation using people’s life stories and memories to engage a wide range of groups in creative and heritage activities, and making art to transform public and private spaces. Strike a Light believes in the idea of life skills and education through creativity, and aims to generate greater social inclusion by working with marginalised and vulnerable groups alongside all sections of the community.



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