Remembering Together: A life history book course

A life history book is a homemade booklet compiled to capture memories and stories about a person’s life, whether to mark a significant birthday, a change in circumstances, the onset of Dementia or as a beautiful and creative gift for a loved one.

The four week course is three hours per week. The course will include the work book, resources, planning, materials and refreshments, as well as interim support and suggestions if needed.

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Remembering Together

Making a life history book can be an enjoyable and empowering activity for a person with dementia which may enable greater interaction and open up communication between someone with dementia and their carers, family and friends.

A life history book may be something that visitors can look through with a person, or it can be referred to by professionals to learn more about the person they are providing care for.

Lots of ideas to go away and research – good to meet others and share experiences and ideas. I feel more confident to go away and plan some reminiscence activities. I have more insight into the benefits and what’s involved.

– Course participant

Course Structure

Benefits of the Course

  • A distraction technique for refocusing during difficult symptoms
  • A security tool when person is taken to unfamiliar places such as the hospital or care home
  • Promotes well-being, validation and celebration of a person
  • A bridge to the past
  • Provides opportunities for pride and enhanced self-esteem
  • Re-builds family relationships
  • The workshops will include:
    Using old photographs, photocopies, maps, collage, text, printable resources and more; we will work together over the course of four sessions to create a beautiful, bespoke booklet which will celebrate the life of your loved one, helping them to remember happy times and key events.
  • Memory triggers to encourage remembering of family and friends
  • Reminiscence tips and techniques to support life history work

What you will achieve

  • Demonstrate  understanding of how dementia may affect someone’s cognitive abilities (ie memory, understanding, perception, planning, communication, etc)
  • Demonstrate understanding of how  non-verbal communication and cues can enhance and support meaningful interaction
  • Identify and apply innovative techniques to engage, spark conversation and support individuals to connect with what is important for them now
  • Demonstrate understanding of the role of life story work and multisensory experiences in supporting well-being
  • Understand ways in which distressed behaviour can be read as an expression of underlying needs, and  identify strategies to help explore and address those needs more effectively

Group Bookings

We are also happy to provide tailor made training specifically for your groups in a location of your choice. To discuss your learning requirements, please contact us.