Strike a Light – Arts & Heritage and Fabrica Gallery are pleased to be organising two free days of primary schools’ events in September 2022 for a new heritage focussed programme of events.

Local primary schools will be bringing groups from Year 3 upwards to attend free educational activities at Fabrica Gallery on 14th and 15th September this autumn.

The workshops will focus on ‘Astounding Inventions’, which links in with a national programme, Heritage Open Days theme for 2022. Whilst we are not part of this, we will offer complementary activities to be delivered at each workshop fro Brighton and Hove schools. These will respond to Fabrica’s former church interior and history, and the creative processes embodied within the building, including repetitive patterns and the handmade process.

These workshops are inspired by a wider project – PAST: PRESENT: FUTURE, funded by the National Heritage Lottery Fund, which is being undertaken by Fabrica Gallery and some of its volunteers. This project will bring to light previously unexplored history about the exhibition space, a restoration of some of the churches key original features and an amazing learning resource in the form of a book detailing the story of the Holy Trinity Church.

Sessions include making a bespoke book from scratch to reflect the invention of books and publishing as an astounding invention. As a differentiation activity, we will also be teaching simple print making and illustrated letter creation at the building. We aim to send each child home with one handmade book each that they will have designed, a printed design and/or an illustrated letter to celebrate the invention of printing.

This activity will link into Key Stage 2 (History, English and Art) with differentiated worksheets alongside Key Stage 2 (R.E.) exploring the traditions of printing and bookmaking in religion in the first instance.