Join us for a half day free conference exploring disability and heritage over the past 100 years.

Booking for our FREE half day disability heritage conference is now live:

We will be offering a series of talks, and a group Q&A at this event, with reference to the changing face of disability and assimilation over the years.

We will also be exploring experiences of disability, both natal and from injuries (including through World War I), and links to those with disabilities in the newly digitised 1921 Census.

The event takes place on Friday 1 July 2022 from 11:00 am – 1:00 pm

Location: Jubilee Library, Jubilee Street, Brighton BN1 1GE

We offer a number of speaker and talks looking at changes over the past 100 years for disability rights, experiences and learning, as well as exploring some of the themes from the census with regards to disability.

July is Disability Pride Month, an international, annual event which celebrates disabled people and the diversity of our community. Disability Pride is not commonly known, particularly in the UK, but the event works to shine a light on physical, learning, hidden disabilities and mental health conditions.

We will deliver this as a panel discussion event with organisations including British Polio Fellowship, Diversity & Ability and Brighton Dome to explore:

• Representations of disability history

• Aspects of disability

• Diagnosis, adaptations, understanding, assimilation and education amongst others.

• Access and inclusion over the years

This is an event about disability in the 1921 census and disability history over the past 100 years.


The venue is fully accessible for those in wheelchairs.

We have offered a BSL interpreter but no request for this has been made. If you would like to attend and this would be a barrier for you, then please email and we will address this.

This event is taking place in a public venue, so it won’t be a closed event as it takes place in the main area of the library. This may affect things for those with autism or other support needs as a result.

We will have speakers and microphones and three speakers with a Q& A but there is also a small public cafe nearby in the library. It will be fairly quiet but there will be some activity nearby.

We will also have print outs of links and images and a stand with resources to look at the venue.

There are two parking bays for disabled people opposite Jubilee Library. There are also three loading bays next to the library for those needing easy access to the venue. We’ve used a central Brighton location to hopefully make it easier for people to access this event by public transport.

Do get in touch if there are other ways we can support you to attend.

Information for those not able to attend in person:

  • We will share anything used in the panel with participants before and after the activities. *Please note – You will need to register for a place using the Eventbrite link so that we have your email address to be able to do so.
  • This would be any presentations from the speakers to share, a list of biographies and signposting to other groups and any images we will have out on the resource table.
  • We won’t be having a PowerPoint set up in the venue as we are in the main area of the ground floor of Jubilee Library and they don’t have a projector powerful enough to be able to block out the light in the day. The presenters are speaking from the floor, but with no digital presentations.
  • We will be putting handouts on chairs for those who are attending.
  • We will have a resource table for information to be shared and taken away for free
  • BHCC Libraries will have relevant books out on display by the event linking to Disability Pride Month
  • We will film the session and add this to our online platform (and share this link publicly so those who can’t attend in person can still view this event
  • We held a webinar on disability history this time last year which we are happy to share, and may do another next year funding dependent.

Strike a Light – Arts & Heritage is a tiny local organisation. We are sincerely doing what we can to raise the profile of disability and heritage, as well as our organisational focus which is creative ways to work with memories. In this project, we have had lots of events which are accessible to people in different ways, and we do what we can. We hope that this event is one which you can access and enjoy in one of the above ways.

1921 Census project Information:

Strike a Light – Arts & Heritage is pleased to partner once more with the University of Brighton’s Centre for Memory, Narratives and Histories to deliver a new series of workshops, training, schools activities, public talks and webinars on key themes around the 1921 census. There will be a crossover with last year’s census project but with some additions and changes.

Using Find My Past, the National Archives and other more regional archives such as The Keep and West Sussex Record Office, through this project, we will explore hidden histories from the census from 100 years ago.

The 1921 Census is the largest ever census release, since its inception in England. On 19 June 1921, close to 38 million individuals in England and Wales completed a census return. This unique snapshot lets us step back 100 years and witness up close a key moment in the lives of those who had survived the First World War, and who were embarking on a new decade.

We will engage with local Sussex schools, disability charities and related organisations to offer these sessions and events with the aim of furthering knowledge and learning about how we lived one hundred years ago, and to show how key groups experience life at that time. Our events take place between April and July 2022.

Main image: Brighton Grand Hotel St Dunstans Fundraising Programme for Brer Rabbit and Mr Fox, 12 January 1926. Courtesy of Royal Pavilion & Museums Trust, Brighton & Hove