Reminiscence Training – 2 day course

The training day will offer an overview of reminiscence work. It will include a brief background to the subject and will consider the benefits to be derived by both the people who reminisce and those who listen. More information can be found below.

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Reminiscence in Depth– 10:00 – 16:00

The training days will offer a more extensive exploration of reminiscence work. They will include a detailed background to the subject and consider the benefits to be derived by both the people who reminisce and those who listen.

We will explore a wide variety of reminiscence activities, which can be used to trigger personal memories and help a group to work well together.

We will also consider the dividing lines between the role of a reminiscence facilitator and that of a counsellor/therapist along with the ethical issues that throws up.

The two days will be interspersed with opportunities for the group to experience reminiscence activities, and group members will be encouraged throughout to contribute their own experience and ideas.

By the end of the training, participants will have gained insight into what reminiscence is as a structured activity, and how it can be successfully and productively carried out.

A free training pack with resources for each participant is provided as part of the course.

Lots of ideas to go away and research – good to meet others and share experiences and ideas. I feel more confident to go away and plan some reminiscence activities. I have more insight into the benefits and what’s involved.

– Course participant

Course Structure

  • Interviewing techniques for heritage and reminiscence projects
  • How to run a Reminiscence group
  • Group Management
  • Creative engagement
  • How to make your own reminiscence resources
  • Reminiscence and intergenerational theatre
  • Best practice for engaging with older people

Benefits of the Course

  • Stimulates social interaction and communication
  • Reduces the feeling of isolation
  • Shares and captures family and local history
  • Increases the feeling of self-worth
  • Helps keep the mind stimulated
  • Allows participants to reflect on past and present
  • An enjoyable experience
  • Builds confidence
  • Generates community and support

What you will achieve

  • Share ideas with training group
  • Use resources, photos and artefacts in reminiscence delivery
  • Increased confidence in delivery of activities
  • Group working skills
  • Awareness of the effects of dementia

Group Bookings

We are also happy to provide tailor made training specifically for your groups in a location of your choice. To discuss your learning requirements, please contact us.