Shalom Sussex- The Jewish Community in WWI

This project enables people in Sussex to come together to preserve the memories and heritage of the Jewish people who lived locally during and post the First World War to collect these hidden histories. Jewish people have been in Sussex since the 1700s, and the contribution in WWI made by Jews to the area has been significant.

Our project researchers have been hard at work collecting photographs, newspaper clippings, and photos, as well as family tales passed down to help them build a clear picture of what life was like.

The main focus of our project will be the creation of a community history website to collect new archive material, as well as to share this heritage publicly. In keeping with Jewish tradition, this site will enable visitors to respect ancestors so that their passing can be commemorated.

If you’d like to get involved as a volunteer researcher, receive training, meet new people and gain some useful skills, then please get in touch by email:

The Centre for German-Jewish Archives
Since its establishment in 1994, the Centre has developed into a major institution for the study of the history, culture and thought of Jews in Central Europe and for the training of a new generation of teachers and researchers in this field.

Jewish Historical Society of England
The Jewish Historical Society of England, the oldest historical and learned society of its kind in Europe was founded in 1893 by the foremost Anglo-Jewish scholars and communal leaders of the day.


Jewish Care
Jewish Care is the largest health and social care organisation serving the Jewish community in London and the South East with over 70 centres and services, touching the lives of 10,000 people every week.

To find out more
For further information, images and interviews, please contact:
Nicola Benge, Project Manager – Shalom Sussex

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