Strike a Light – Arts & Heritage is pleased to be delivering a series of Reminiscence training this spring across West Sussex for the West Sussex Library Service.

We’ll be running bespoke training for staff and volunteers across the county between March and May 2019 to generate new skills for participants who can then offer greater provision to service users.
If your organisation would like to access training in a venue of your choice, then do get in touch for a quote, we’re always happy to help!

‘It introduced the whole area in a practical, useful and engaging way’
The training days offer an overview of reminiscence work, and includes a brief background to the subject and will consider the benefits to be derived by both the people who reminisce and those who listen.

We will explore a wide variety of reminiscence activities, which can be used to trigger personal memories and help a group to work well together.

By the end of the day participants will have gained insight into what reminiscence is as a structured activity, and how it can be successfully and productively carried out.