Getting materials ready for this lovely afternoon coming up on 22nd January 1-5pm in Brighton. Come along to create your own vision board for your life in 2017!

Want to set your intentions, wishes and help create your desires for 2017 but in a fun, creative way?
e102936a3e06b730c1aaf5b19e2c8bb7This resourceful afternoon is a inspiring and focussed way to look at your year ahead and the life you would like to realise in the next twelve months.
The session will start with a meditative journey to set new intentions and plans, followed by a supportive and informal group involving collage and visualisation to generate your most fulfilling way forward.
Vision boards help:
* Set and prioritise goals, values, and intentions.
* Plant goals and intentions
* Seeing a vision board regularly—with images and words representing your goals, wishes, and values—helps remind you of what you want to do, be, and have.
* Ensure that you move towards these goals, both consciously and unconsciously.
At the end of the afternoon, you will leave have a bespoke, inspiring and original vision board to display in your home and refer to regularly, as well as a clearer sense of the way forward for you into the New Year.
£8 for the afternoon – All materials provided along with refreshments.
Bring nice nibbles to share.
There is only space in the venue for 8-10 people so book your place soon!