Ale song workshop

ale and hearty singing workshopWe held an ale and brewing focussed song workshop on Saturday 8th June at The Lewes Arms, ably facilitated by songstrels Emily and the Hares to a packed room of 45 singers.

The day long workshop included learning a multitude of ale themed songs, and some readings about the subject from Temperance to drunkeness. All in all a very interesting and enjoyable day!

The song below was one of a selection we learned whilst accompanied with good ale from the bar below us.


Now come, me brave boys, as I’ve told you before
Come drink, me brave boys, and we’ll boldly call for more
For the French they’ve invited us and they say that they will try
Will try
They say that they will come and drink old England dry

Aye, dry, aye dry, me boys, aye, dry
They say they will come over and drink Old England dry.

Supposin’ we should meet with the Germans by the way
Ten thousand to one we will show them British play
With our swords and our cutlasses, we’ll fight until we die
We die
Before that they shall come and drink old England dry

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