Ale and Hearty in Viva Lewes

1266981_536104526459966_601765052_o This month’s Lewes based magazine Viva Lewes celebrates all things ale in conjunction with our Ale and Hearty project based on the brewing heritage of the town.

The Viva Lewes cover (designed by Neil Gower) this October 2013 celebrates this history with a beer mat shaped cover and lots of articles about ale and its link with the area. It includes photos of brewers and memories of a temperance hotel in the town.

The Ale and Hearty exhibition chronicling memories, oral histories, images and testimonies which was recently created by Project Coordinator Sam Carroll, has just finished at the Lewes Town Hall, but will be back for the final celebration event on Saturday 18th January 2014 for visitors to enjoy.

To find out more you can visit the Ale and Hearty pages on this website here, or email to learn about the next three months of events and activities.