Conversation Piece

Next week at Fabrica, a colleague of mine Lorenza Ippolito will be facilitating Conversation Piece.

Edward Kibosek will be joining the group at Fabrica gallery to talk about the charity I.T. Skills 4 Rural Kenya and how he managed to work with the local communities in Brighton and Kenya in a symbiotic exchange.

Conversation Piece 6th November 2.30-4.00pm
Afternoon tea and chat

The No Ohlo da Rua collective seek to empower disadvantaged young
people by giving out cameras and asking them to show us how they live
and what they see. Photography, the use of up to date technology in
general, is a question of cash, skills, access and distribution.

Join artist Lorenza Ippolito and Edward Kibosek, trustee of Brighton
based charity I.T. Skills 4 Rural Kenya, to discuss how communities
can help each other through local co-operation and skill sharing