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Laughter lines images


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Laughter Lines event at Fabrica included a performance by Martha Helen Brown of her 14 Smiles work, artists Jane Fordham, and Clare Nias as well as some other quirky films compiled by local film buff Frank Flood.

Some great images of Strike a Light’s Laughter Lines event at Fabrica gallery in June 2012 from the photographer Keith Mason who generously gave his time for free to support the event.

With thanks to the Arts Council South East for their support of the Growing an Older Audience project

Rituals re-wind

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The Rituals event for Heritage Open Days 2012 was a roaring success. We had a great turnout, lots of laughs with Ragroof Theatre, enjoyed a talk on Victorian mourning and ritual, and enjoyed some freestyle dancing. The visitors to Fabrica gallery also joined in with two sets of creative workshops and enjoyed free tea and cake.

We also enjoyed the lengthy, but epic and sumptuous Tango film by Carlos Saura in the evening.

Quotes about the event:

‘Loved the Jive dance class, the postcards, and the very friendly people who were organising it. Awesome!’

‘More of this – wonderful!’

‘Good- really good range of activities – nice friendly atmosphere’

‘Fabrica is a lovely space and the architectural integrity is enhanced by all the activities that it hosts. Today was- as usual- an absolute delight. Great activities, company, food and drink’

‘It was wonderful as usual and always enjoy every minute. I can’t wait for my next invitation’

Thanks to Daniel Yanez Gonzalez for the photos.

Event made possible with support from The Arts Council (South East)