Laughter Lines

Strike a Light is curating a new and free event at Fabrica gallery on Thursday 14th June called Laughter Lines. ‘An exploration of the joys that bind, shared laughter and experience through generations which work across the age divide…’

The idea to use Laughter as a theme came from a quote I heard on Radio 4 in December ‘ Laughter is the shortest distance between the generations’. Although the quote is actually from from the comedian Victor Borge and is ‘Laughter is the shortest distance between two people’.
It will take place from 11-4pm and will include artist’ workshops facilitated byJane Fordham and Clare Nias as well as an Armchair Critics event hosted by Lorenza Ippolito, a cafe, a display by Cecile Chevalier about reminiscecence and digital media.

We hope to follow this with a film collaboration with Cine City from 6-8.30pm where we will create a cosy space in the gallery with bean bags, cocoa, wine and nibbles. All welcome!


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